About Us

YOUR RIDE IS AN EXPRESSION OF SELF - Our mission is to capture this essence in those who have achieved and share it. To encourage, inspire and show others whats possible.
Our Story
WE ALL HAVE DREAMS... And what’s the point of existing if we are not out trying to do everything we can to take those dreams and make them our reality?
This is a journey of 2 friends who have a vision, and have set out to manifest our dream. Challenging ourselves to get out of our comfort zones and discover, take the risks, put ourselves on the line and grow into who we need to be in order to drive our dream cars, and live our dream life. Not forgetting to have some fun in the process, meeting and connecting with amazing people along the way while sharing our experience with YOU.
Whether we succeed or fail is not the point, it's doing something about that one dream or idea you just can't shake, and not lying on our death bed one day with regret. F*K THAT!!
PARKED PRIDE is not just about what car you drive, having the best car, or a fleeting moment of recognition.
Having your dream car is only one aspect of living the dream.
Your car is just part of a physical manifestation of your true worth! A car can be lost and replaced, but your experience can never be taken away!
Being an auto enthusiast isn't just about ownership. It's about adventures, journeys, and destinations. Because all car addicts know that owning a car is only half the fun.
This Site is run by Rowan Matthews and Felipe Gacitua. Our aim is find ways to bring value to the auto enthusiasts out there. And we choose to do this through collaboration rather than competition! And this will be fulfilled through Quality products and services.
And in turn, we are working to create an alternative revenue stream in order to leave our day jobs and create a platform for us to earn a living and take charge of our own time while creating security for our families, acquiring our dream cars, traveling the world, to meet and learn from people who inspire us and have achieved their dreams, through the common connection of being an auto enthusiast.
We would love to share our experiences with you through creating and putting out content as we reach our goals.
We are actively sourcing unique and the best quality products we can find within the automotive industry to bring to the market. Not just as resellers but to collaborate with and help support other small businesses in a win-win relationship, We choose collaboration over competition! And as we continue to grow, and build our brand in the process, when the opportunity comes we would love to put out our own products in the market.
We are a small business and are currently based in the beautiful city of Tauranga, New Zealand. If you are reading this, We truly appreciate you giving us any of your valuable attention and our top priority is being able to give you as much value as we possibly can. Thanks for your support and we invite you to follow our journey as we work towards making our dreams a reality.
And if you have and questions or comments, we do encourage reaching out to us as your feedback, whether it is positive or negative will help us navigate this landscape and serve in the best way possible.