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Toyota Chaser JZX90 Cluster Fascia!

Toyota Chaser JZX90 Cluster Fascia!

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If you have done a manual conversion on your JZX90 Toyota Chaser, are planning to get it done or are thinking about it, make a note. This product is for you! 

This Cluster Fascia is the perfect hack for any car enthusiast. Easy to install, this fascia conceals the automatic shifter pattern while saving you hundreds of dollars.

- Sticks directly on top of your original cluster to hide the shift pattern so you can keep your original Kms, which means you don’t have to go through the pain of spending your valuable time and effort sourcing a new/ used cluster while saving you hundreds of dollars!

Material is a 0.5mm laser cut Matte Black acrylic with built in adhesive backing (designed and cut in house), so you can enjoy the ease of application and be confident of an accurate and perfect fit which will unmistakably match your cars original aesthetics.

Fascia cluster installation instructions

  1. Remove cluster from car
  2. Remove clear lens
  3. Peel taped backing off fascia
  4. Carefully align fascia properly and stick down
  5. Remove protective film from fascia
  6. Re install clear lens, re install cluster in car

Youtube videos can guide you on the removal and re installation of your cluster

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