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Toyota Chaser JZX100 Spare Wheel Cover Replacement

Toyota Chaser JZX100 Spare Wheel Cover Replacement

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Toyota Chaser JZX100 replacement spare wheel cover. These have been developed with our usual OEM + mantra, ensuring they look as close to original as possible when installed whilst making improvements where we see fit.

- Laser cut Masonite sheet to mimic OEM

- Neoprene Foam strips to mimic OEM but much more durable than original foams.

- Stands / Brackets are 3D printed in PETG to mimic the OEM shape, but using a nut & bolt fastener to secure them (+Sikaflex) instead of the unreliable rivets offered on the factory covers which commonly break off.

- All developed & manufactured in house.

- 1 Year Warranty

Being 25+ years old, your original cover has been likely been damaged by water / coolant / oil spills in the boot or completely perished. These replacement items are a perfect solution for those restoring the car to OEM or better condition & a sheet of jigsaw cut MDF from bunnings just wont do.

*Spare wheel cover does not include the 2x small factory stands that are used when the spare wheel is removed, however the board is cut to fit the original supports if you have still them*

**The side trim piece does not come with the metal clips required to attach jack tools, however the board is cut to fit them if you have them & wish to transfer them over**


Spare Wheel Covers are Custom made-to-order and have a turnaround time of 1-2 weeks.

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